FailPoints: Monitoring beyond the MSP toolbox
As an ISP and later an MSP, we thought our monitoring software, built in hardware tools and knowledge was enough. When customers called about outages, we were confident it wasn’t our managed hardware/services, but we still needed to solve their issues.  We developed an early version of FailPoints to track customer outages and send alerts when connections slowed or failed.

As we added functionality, we could track outage trends, low bandwidth and even track environment changes (with alerts) at each location.  Best of all, we could discover problems before they became critical, reducing customer support calls.

We decided FailPoints was too useful to keep to ourselves, so we built the software into a small device and created a service that’s simple to use, deploy and can expand affordably to monitor connectivity from one location to thousands.

What we’re asking for now is your help to test FailPoints at your location.  We’ve received a lot of great feedback from IT personnel but we’d like to hear from MSP’s and ISP’s.    

Can you help us test? You may discover a valuable tool.
We’ll send you up to three of our FailPoints agents (each $49.95 value) in the mail, preconfigured for your organization, with a username and password and some simple instructions on getting started. All you need is an available DHCP enabled Ethernet port on the router or modem at each location and a 1 amp USB power supply. Once the agent is powered up, it immediately goes to work. You can optionally receive alerts about connectivity loss, low bandwidth and other metrics. By installing at multiple locations, you can track the reliability of the Internet services and providers from multiple data points.

The data your agent collects is loaded into a secure portal page. You’ll be able to log in and see what’s happening within just a few minutes of it booting up. As part of this evaluation, you’ll have full access to all the reports for free for the next three months.

What we need from you:
We’ll create a private group in our forums to allow our evaluators to easily share feedback, ask questions and offer suggestions on where we might improve. And of course, you are always welcome to call or email us with your thoughts.

After the evaluation:
If you like the service and want to keep going after the six months are up, we’ll let you keep the device and give you a year of service for just $25 (normally $60.) If you don’t want to keep it, we’ll send you a label to ship the hardware back to us for free.

Just fill out this form and if you fit our testing profile, we’ll send you a unit within the next few days. We’ll be limiting the number of evaluation units by region, so if you’re interested, please get back to us quickly! 

Sign Up To Be A FailPoints Evaluator

If you have no servers to install onto, how many hardware agents can we send you to test?

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A couple of screenshots of the FailPoints management portal.
Agents can be sorted by locations, recent outages, low bandwidth problems, up-time, down-time

Background information on FailPoints:

FailPoints provides an affordable method of monitoring critically connected Internet devices and locations, whether you have one location or thousands. The FailPoints agent monitors from the locations perspective, something that existing monitoring tools may miss, confirming Internet-related problems and connectivity issues quickly. It shows events in near-real-time, logging issues and sending alerts to system admins about potential problems and critical failures. Reports show where, when, how many locations were involved, which hops, provider/s and much more.

Just two to three inches square, the FailPoints agent fits in tight spots and runs 24/7, checking to see if your service connections are reliable and reporting when they aren’t. Plug-and-play, no large budgets required, it goes anywhere you need to monitor reliability: equipment rooms, remote networks, customer premises, field sensing devices and countless other locations.

Each FailPoints device monitors connectivity, low bandwidth issues and can even track environmental changes with an optional sensor. Set alerts to notify admins when an incident occurs. A history of alerts and what was done to resolve them is logged. In addition, FailPoints agents allow admins secure, encrypted remote access without opening firewall ports to configure routers, phone systems, anything with a web interface.

The agent only requires a free DHCP-enabled Ethernet port and 5V/1amp USB power to run. Nothing else to install–a huge solution packed into a tiny IoT device. Once connected, the installer can also switch it to wireless if needed.

FailPoints is a service offered by Echo Networks. If you’d like to try out the free version of FailPoints, visit, download a Windows or Linux agent and give it a try.