Echo Networks offers a solution (OutagesIO) that can be used by many types of organizations but one it can help in particular is Internet broadband initiatives. For this area especially, instant alerts of connectivity issues and other problems from customer and location perspectives can help network operators maintain and refine their systems.

New broadband providers competing for market share must ensure their services are reliable in order to gain consumer confidence and motivate people to buy and then stay with their new provider.

Echo Networks can be used stand alone or with existing monitoring as an inexpensive redundant way of receiving alerts to problems before customers start calling.

No large budgets needed

Our basic hardware agents are easily installed where ever needed and are especially useful in equipment cabinets where there are no PC/Servers to install software on.

Unlike PCs running software, hardware agents don’t get accidentally turned off, missing important events. They automatically update, can be remotely rebooted and run 24/7 using under one amp of power. Perfect for remote, unmanned locations or locations which have a limited amount of power such as solar.

Hardware agents act as simple LAN clients monitoring connectivity and cannot inspect packets. Outages as short as one second are logged showing when, where and with whom problems are occurring, including upstreams. Details include problem hops, IPs trends and historical details.

The hardware and monthly monitoring cost of $10/per location is a cost which can easily be absorbed by saving time and money or passed on to the customer.

Proof of concept

We welcome proof of concept projects which help show the usefulness of  Echo Networks. The best way of discovering how we can help is to contact us. We’d love to send you some agents then demonstrate how powerful our solution can be for you.