Echo Networks
Software development and infrastructure services / partnerships

Echo Networks provides life-cycle software development from idea conception and development through designing, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing.
We offer ongoing support, updates and can even cost effectively build and host everything needed in our data center.

Hands on experience

Learned by doing

We started as an ISP in the 90’s offering dial-up and dedicated connectivity, hosting and co-locating services. Later, we began offering managed services (MSP) and virtual office solutions. Having hands on experience building our customer dreams for many years has taught us to understand how varied and unique each project can be and more importantly, understanding how important it is to the owners.

After years of building solutions for our customers, we decided to build one of our own, a tool that has helped us to save countless hours assessing where problems were when customers could contact us that they were down. Ninety nine percent of the time, it was their own Internet service acting up or being down. This tool helped to preempt customer complaints, always being on top of potential problems. 

We decided to add a lot more features to our little tool and now offer it as a software as a solution SaaS) called As with most of our projects, this service requires around a dozen servers, several which are load balanced along with traditional services such as DNS, email, web sites, single purpose servers, are all which are fully maintained in-house.

From talking about your needs, putting together some ideas, coming up with hardware and other required resources, we can handle the entire project from start to finish.

Agile Software Development (Scrum)

MVC Development Frameworks (YII)

Object Oriented Programming (PHP, Javascript)

Database Architecture and Design (DB2, Oracle, MySQL/MariaDB)

Testing & QA (Acceptance and Functional Tests)

We can build everything needed from the server troom to the end user

File Management

Secure Web Hosting & Backups

Competent in

Active Directory, Apache, AS400 & iSeries, DNS, Git, HTML, Javascript, MySQL/Mariadb, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Scrum, SEO, SQL, UML Design, WordPress development and testing, XML, Yii and others.

These are just some of the skills we need on an almost daily basis as we maintain our infrastructure along with customers.


While one of our services offers a Windows based agent, we specialize in Linux based environments. Other than some Windows desktops, everything else is Linux based. Most of the operating systems are Centos, Debian and some Ubuntu along with others. Since we manage our own infrastructure, we fully understand the need for reliable services.

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30 Days of Free Hosting

To make sure that all bugs and problems are squashed, we offer 30 days of free hosting with our solutions to make sure everything is up to speed and as you want it.