Echo Networks LLC

With a history in the ISP and MSP fields, we built our SaaS offerings.

Based on our own frustrations dealing with unresponsive Internet providers for our own needs and for our customers, OutagesIO was born. Later, we added MSP Sensors and now ISP Tracker.


A trio of services tuned specifically for their market. Each, constantly enhanced, driven by valuable customer feedback. Our customers are incredibly important to us, and we deeply value their input.

As we develop our own software and hardware infrastructure, we understand how crucial it is to have a dependable back end and rock-solid internet connectivity to maintain an Internet presence.

What does Internet downtime cost you?

Finds and tracks Internet outages and connection issues. For home or business.

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Wide-scale Internet / ISP Monitoring

Monitor for Accountability, Reliability, Statistics

City, Government
Officials have to answer for city-wide Internet outages so why not be armed with information across all ISPs in the area, limiting the need to wait for answers.

Revenue-based enterprise
As an organization with online resources, you want to know quickly when something can’t be reached or which ISPs are the most reliable when expanding.

Statistics, Reports, Analysis
Any organization can use ISP Tracker to get insights and /or to add to existing collected data to gain an even greater level of information.

For MSP, and mid to large IT operations

MSPS offers similar features to our OutagesIO service, but with extra tools for managing more locations. This includes a status map, remote access through our hardware agents,  and IoT. Our dashboard controlled smart outlets are low cost, and allow remote devices to be turned on, off and power cycled.

Receive fast alerts about issues before they escalate. Have evidence and data for Internet related reliability problems without needing to assign blame. Build customer loyalty by showing you’re actively watching over their needs.

Anticipate issues before the flood of calls. Reduce tech support time and save costs.

Consumers, small business, communities

Automated Internet monitoring shows outages, low bandwidth trends and sends alerts when problems arise. The agent installs on Windows, Linux, ARM and other devices or simply order our fully self-contained, auto updating hardware agents that are on the job 24/7 within minutes.

Monitor one to a few Internet-connected locations. Know if problems are on your own network, or with your local Internet provider. Free version and low cost upgrade to dig deeper.

If your community is suffering Internet problems, we offer a free service specifically for this.

OutagesIO can be used in various industries

Working from home – Telecommute

Your team needs reliable Internet to keep them connected to their tools, clients, and coworkers.  First, slow Internet and frequent outages zap the energy out of employees.  Second, it can frustrate IT personnel trying to track Internet outage issues that seem to come and go.  Finally, the time and and resources spent hunting for answers means wasted productivity for everyone. OutagesIO can show you if the issues are onsite, with the Internet provider, the  VPN, or beyond.

 Security systems monitoring

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  That’s why OutagesIO alerts your team quickly if remote locations stop communicating. Likewise, remote video cameras and monitoring stations need Internet that’s always on to keep businesses and homeowners safe. Don’t wait to be told the Internet is down again!  Our automated Internet monitoring keeps your team informed with text and email notifications so you’ll never be caught off-guard.

Telehealth – Healthcare anywhere

When your patients are hours away from your medical office or need virtual doctor visits, you need reliable tools to care for them and track changes in their health.  Keep your staff connected  and your patients safe at home. 
OutagesIO tracks your Internet’s health with an easy to read dashboard showing where issues are with your connection.

Utilities, unmanned equipment rooms

The clock starts ticking when a line is cut or an alarm is triggered in an underground vault.  For example, what if the alarm is not received because of a slow or down IP/Internet connection?

OutagesIO reduces losses and complaints by letting you know when a connection goes down.  Installs anywhere, only 2 inches square, no servers needed.