Productivity Loss

The amount of time it takes to get refocused every time a remote employee is interrupted during the work day.  Slow Internet and outages add up and take their toll on your business.

Cost Per Minute

The cost for downtime can ramp up quickly when you have a significant number of remote employees and resources that can no longer communicate.

Other Stats

What does Internet down time cost you? Every company will have different numbers which ultimately equal lost work hours, potentially upset customers and more.

Working From Home – Telecommute

Your team depends on reliable Internet to keep them connected to projects, coworkers, supervisors and clients.  Slow Internet and frequent outages can make video conference apps buffer and drop in the middle of a meeting or presentation.  Voice over IP phone lines rely on solid connections to keep conversations from line jitter, echoes and lost calls.  Are the issues on their end, with the corporate VPN or something else? 

Find out how FailPoints keeps work connections strong!


Telehealth –  Healthcare Anywhere

When your patients are hours away from your medical practice or can’t make it to in-person appointments, you need reliable tools to track any changes in their health.  Telehealth services require reliable Internet to keep your medical team in the loop and your patients safe at home. 

Find out how FailPoints keeps your connection healthy!


Security System Monitoring

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Remote video cameras and monitoring stations depend on reliable Internet connections to keep facilities secure and homeowners safe.  

Find out how FailPoints keeps your security chain strong!


Utilities and Unmanned Equipment Rooms

When a line is cut or an alarm is triggered in an underground vault, the clock starts ticking.  FailPoints has optional sensors that can send alerts when conditions change in a service area.  It monitors more than just Internet, keeping your team informed before problems grow bigger. 

Find out how FailPoints alerts you to condition changes!


FailPoints, an Echo Networks service, shows an overview of any and all locations you manage. Was a whole business park down, an entire street, a section of town, city? No guessing, all locations and more will be shown.


hardware agents.
Add as needed.

Easily see issues
on visual map

The challenge

The majority of IP issues are typically closer to locations experiencing them. The objective is to point out immediate trouble and overall weak points which could be causing ongoing problems.  Echo Networks uses responsive and reactive methods, a number of algorithms and multi-location testing which does not rely solely on BGP or primary switches. 


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Inexpensive solution

Monitoring from the location’s perspective details how each location experiences connectivity and also aggregates data about specific network segments, providers, equipment and other resources.  Equipment rooms often contain appliances and purpose-built hardware. Our agent uses one amp or less of power, runs 24/7 and everything needed is built in. No software to install at remote locations.


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Customer feedback helps shape the user experience and create new features. Here’s what we currently offer. Please let us know if there’s a feature you’d find useful for your applications.

  • Inexpensive roll out – add units as needed.
  • Hardware agents $49.95/each (quantity discounts available).
  • Reports, updates and full support, just $7/month or $60/annual.
  • Near-real-time alerts sent via SMS and email.
  • Monitors IP connectivity, firewall ports and environment conditions.
  • Secure access to remote equipment  rooms and networks without opening firewall ports.
  • Details IP issues for network/provider accountability.
  • Avg 6 kb/s out, 16 kb/s in. Custom tuning available.
  • Self-contained, auto-updating. No software to install at remote locations.
  • Monitor unlimited locations. Visually locate weak points needing attention.
  • Securely monitors connectivity only, not packets.
  • Acts as a simple DHCP LAN client.
  • Customization, development available.


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Keeping the Internet healthy during COVID-19

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MSP’s, evaluators:  We need your feedback

MSP’s, evaluators: We need your feedback

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Evaluate first

Evaluate FailPoints at no cost. Try FailPoints and you may discover a new tool that helps manage many Internet connected locations and resources. Once you see the new data, we believe you’ll want to adopt it as your default solution or in addition to current monitoring.

Business And Home

Broadband initiatives, hotel and other chains, remote employees, remote sensing/equipment. Easy deployment anywhere, any time, any situation where IP connectivity is involved.

MSP, ITSM, Tech Support

Reliable services are a must. Preempt problems, save time and money by confirming or eliminating Internet related events.

Instant Notifications

Quickly learning about Internet connectivity, low bandwidth issues and potential security risks are especially important for critically connected remote locations, hardware and services., a free Echo Networks service for consumers and small business
Are Internet problems in your local network, with your Internet provider or beyond? Easily troubleshoot wired, WiFi, LTE 4G/5G Internet services. Finds Internet connectivity problems in your home, business and neighborhood. Save countless hours by letting work for you.

Whether you use our services or not, we’ll be happy to try and answer any Internet connectivity problem you may have in our forums.